Monday, October 12, 2015

Cikgu Ayu asked us to blog frequently!

Hey, it's that time again!

Having another social media class reminds me to update my blog!! Seriously Isma, how many times do u need to be reminded??

So, my colleague, Ayu, is giving a blogging class to our colleagues. Blogging is fun and rewarding. Not to forget, lots of hard work as well! Today we have 26 pax in our class. Huge number so far. 

The class is interesting but i keep thinking about my baby. Left her this morning without preparing proper meal for her. Feel so guilty the whole day. Sorry baby. Mama really sorry about this okay! Will make it up to you tonight! 

Ok back to class. Let's focus.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blajar buat blog

Dah lama i tak update this blog. Being first time mama, my life had totally changed since i have my hanna. Today it won't be about her, it's about my colleagues. 

Part of my job at office is to educate the staff on social media. Social media is BIG and the company wanted the staff to be as savvy as they can. So part of the initiative is to educate staff on social media! One of the social media class is Blogging with Atu. Ayu is our main writer for our blog. Not this blog; the company blog. Enough said, here are some photos of of us! Enjoy! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Best Gift Ever

9 September marks the new chapter of my life. Alhamdulillah,  I had safely delivered a healthy baby girl. Omar and I named her Hanna Nur Zahra. She completes our little family.

In arabic, Hanna means Happiness, Nur means Light, and Zahra means Flower. My MIL had been mentioning Zahra since 2 years back. And Allah makbul her doa, our doa. Allahuakbar.  Despite the conditions that I am now, we have a beautiful daughter.

Allahuakbar and Alhamdulillah!